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...i paused b2takes! concerts for this.

...Kuroba has... a ....show. With a talking lamp named Pet. He... has guests visit his home. Which is his room.

...they do things.


僕ん家おいでよ #14 【ゲスト:小澤廉】
Original Airdate: 2017.04.17¹
Running time: 01:24:40²
Host: Kuroba Mario
Voice Over³: a talking lamp
Guest: Ozawa Ren
Mediafire (451 MB)

¹ this was a timeshifted show on NicoNico. however the previous episode had been re-playing before 14 aired
² this is only an approximate runtime, there is an intermission that has some silent ads
³ i don't know who it is

i feel like i should be concerned

➤ any problems with downloading, @shizuoya on twitter

➤ any concerns about why kuroba is talking to a lamp, no - do not @ me

➤ i've run out of jokes that i can make

➤ help

➤➤ post unlocked for a short time. please just link to this entry, thank you
➤➤ i did not live tweet the entire episode but here's a small thread so you know what you are in for. yes i thought that was a talking balloon, no i don't know how
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You know, it really says something about me when all this year I was posting RenRen and Wada and at the end of the year they'd have a coffee date.

Here are selected scans from TV Guide Stage Stars Vol.4. This is a works in progress, as I am working on some more but only of actors I know. If you would like a section listed in the contents please let me know. On this post I will post the Wada and Ren ones but an external page to my website will load the other pages.

To send off 2018 as I lie in a pool of tears.

TV Guide Stage Stars Vol.4
Special Combination Ozawa Ren × Wada Takuma

10 pages )
( more images, log of updates will be recorded below )

➤ 2018.12.31 initial upload: special combination 10 pgs
➤ tba next update: matsuda ryo

official website | twitter
also available on amazon japan and animate
➤ updates will continue to be announced on my twitter @shizuoya
translation thread for wadaren article being done by nikki
➤ i dont remember what else i wanted to say?
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Please do not repost any of the translations/quotes. This is the Daiya no A radio episode with Wada Takuma and Ozawa Ren
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This is the first episode of Daiya no A the Radio aired January 05, 2017 with personalities Wada Takuma (butai Miyuki) and Ohsaka Ryouta (anime Sawamura). I actually translated these radio shows before in twitter, but I've decided to make a more complete transcript. I'll try to follow with the succeeding episodes.

Note: This episode was held in Jingu Stadium and halfway through the show, Wada and Ohsaka played catch in the field.

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