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[Scans] TV Guide Stage Stars Vol.4

You know, it really says something about me when all this year I was posting RenRen and Wada and at the end of the year they'd have a coffee date.

Here are selected scans from TV Guide Stage Stars Vol.4. This is a works in progress, as I am working on some more but only of actors I know. If you would like a section listed in the contents please let me know. On this post I will post the Wada and Ren ones but an external page to my website will load the other pages.

To send off 2018 as I lie in a pool of tears.

TV Guide Stage Stars Vol.4
Special Combination Ozawa Ren × Wada Takuma

bonus: (kin...da...)*

*on the final page of the magazine, there's a small section I tried to scan are the highest setting humanly possible. in the end it doesn't do much because it's so small :( but just know it exists. i think i heard the scanner cry

**but on the plus side! here's renren's really cute tweet about it! wada on the other hand, doesn't know how to use social media

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( more images, log of updates will be recorded below )

➤ 2018.12.31 initial upload: special combination 10 pgs
➤ tba next update: matsuda ryo

official website | twitter
also available on amazon japan and animate
➤ updates will continue to be announced on my twitter @shizuoya
translation thread for wadaren article being done by nikki
➤ i dont remember what else i wanted to say?

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