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...i paused b2takes! concerts for this.

...Kuroba has... a ....show. With a talking lamp named Pet. He... has guests visit his home. Which is his room.

...they do things.


僕ん家おいでよ #14 【ゲスト:小澤廉】
Original Airdate: 2017.04.17¹
Running time: 01:24:40²
Host: Kuroba Mario
Voice Over³: a talking lamp
Guest: Ozawa Ren
Mediafire (451 MB)

¹ this was a timeshifted show on NicoNico. however the previous episode had been re-playing before 14 aired
² this is only an approximate runtime, there is an intermission that has some silent ads
³ i don't know who it is

i feel like i should be concerned

➤ any problems with downloading, @shizuoya on twitter

➤ any concerns about why kuroba is talking to a lamp, no - do not @ me

➤ i've run out of jokes that i can make

➤ help

➤➤ post unlocked for a short time. please just link to this entry, thank you
➤➤ i did not live tweet the entire episode but here's a small thread so you know what you are in for. yes i thought that was a talking balloon, no i don't know how
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...I... stopped playing Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution long enough to post this... (THAT'S RIGHT, I'M BACK WITH MY FALCOM GAME EXCUSES HELL YEAH)

Happy 2/6 (Miyu/Kura) Day, I decided that at long last I will post the long awaited Wada/Subaru photobook that I kept forgetting I own because I'm not going to miss any opportunity to make a butai/Daiya/number joke.

This was released June 2017. If you follow Subaru's twitter, back at the end of 2016 he and Wada spent their New Years together. Originally this was suppose to be a DVD but it was canceled and it changed to a photobook+CD set instead. The book reads like a manga where it's just them going shopping, Wada losing at Jan Ken as god intended, drinking, and some sort of implied cosplay. The cosplay in question never actually made it in, probably due to copyright issues so you're just going to have to imagine Subaru as Sailor Moon yourself.




--Without any MORE goddamn delay


Wada Takuma & Hayama Subaru
Futari no Dangan Hakone Tour

# of pages: 60

CD download
和田琢磨&葉山昴 年末旅行 - 和田琢磨と葉山昴2人の弾丸箱根ツアー! running time: 57:07

和田琢磨&葉山昴イベント - 和田琢磨&葉山昴男気じゃんけん running time: 26:53

和田琢磨&葉山昴イベント - ヘイゼルズフェス女装対決 running time: 15:04

➤ This post WILL remain unlocked. I may decide to move the CD to a locked post at a later time but the book will be up here
➤ I know that my layout is not perfect. If anything at all is broken let me know and I'll do my best to fix it
➤ Please do not repost the whole book anywhere, crops are fine, I just don't want to see the whole thing on tumblr or something
➤ Please do not reupload the CD
➤ Please do not ask me what are they doing. Because I will not have answer for you
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...Well, I stopped playing Trails of Cold Steel NG+ long enough to post
This is a masterpost for the currently ongoing radio show Daiya no A the Radio. I normally will obtain and upload the show as an mp3 by mid day Thursday Eastern Time. This page will keep a list of the guests and dates so you can download the episodes. Enjoy!
Official Twitter

Ohsaka Ryota (Sawamura Eijun's seiyuu)
Wada Takuma (Miyuki Kazuya's stage actor)

Mediafire folder
* if you would like an alternate site, let me know!

Guest list )

➤➤post updated: june 29 2017
➤ updates will continue to be announced on my twitter @shizuoya
➤ the tumblr archive will remain updated and up for those who prefer it
➤ feel free to link as this masterpost will be open
➤ check out nikki's translations! transcripts will be posted when available

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