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[TRANSLATION] 170105 Daiya no A the Radio

This is the first episode of Daiya no A the Radio aired January 05, 2017 with personalities Wada Takuma (butai Miyuki) and Ohsaka Ryouta (anime Sawamura). I actually translated these radio shows before in twitter, but I've decided to make a more complete transcript. I'll try to follow with the succeeding episodes.

Note: This episode was held in Jingu Stadium and halfway through the show, Wada and Ohsaka played catch in the field.

Ohsaka: Right now we're in Jingu Stadium, but this isn't the first time we've been here. An event for Daiya no A was also held here before. Wada-san was also here that time, right?
Wada: Yes, I was here as a guest in the event to promote the stage play.
Ohsaka: That time, Wada-san also did pitching and I was next to it; it was so fast I was scared.
Wada: I have a bit of (baseball) experience.
Ohsaka: Even then, it's still surprising and I thought, "Eh, he can still throw like this??"
Wada: I haven't really thrown in front of that many people before so I was kind of nervous, too.

Wada: As to why we're holding this episode in Jingu stadium, actually...we had our photoshoot for the Daiya no A the Live today. That's why I'm like this...
Ohsaka: You're fully equipped.
Wada: Yes, I'm completely wearing Miyuki's uniform for the radio.
Ohsaka: That's right. Why don't we have visuals for this show, it's a pity.
Wada: LOL

Ohsaka: Then, shall we do the title call of the show together?
Wada: Okay!
Ohsaka: The success of this show depends on whether we are in sync or not!
Wada: Ah, it depends on the battery, right? Just like in the original work!
Ohsaka: Okay let's to this!
Both: Daiya no Ace (the) Radio! Play ball!
Ohsaka: NO GOOD!
Wada: This is no good! I forgot to say the "the" just now! Can we please do it again?
Ohsaka: Okay, okay. (LOL)

Ohsaka: The anime is currently on break, but the stage is continuing, right?
Wada: Yes, it's been going for more than a year and it's on its fourth installment.
Ohsaka: I'm sure that every stage, you grow closer to your characters right? I mean, how was it (performing your role) for the fourth time?
Wada: Actually, it's amazing but all the actors in Daiya stage fit their roles so well, from their disposition to their appearance. So it was easy for me to bring out my character as Miyuki Kazuya in response to them.
Ohsaka: So it's like you have all perfectly claimed the role as your own.
Wada: Yes, that seems like it.
Ohsaka: That makes me feel really thankful. I, myself, have completely acclimatized to the role and I can bring out (Eijun) whenever they tell me to do so but I don't want to look like I'm selling cheaply. Like, it's not a character that I solely own, so whatever is written for the character we still have to say, "we'll try doing it" (instead of acting on your own).

Wada: What do you think of your own character, Sawamura Eijun?
Ohsaka: Well, if I have to describe him in one phrase, he's a first class idiot, isn't he? But he has a true intensity and a straightforward personality. So even though he's stupid you can feel that he's a really upright person.
Wada: Yes, that is true. And about my own character, Miyuki Kazuya, has superb baseball sense and is pretty observant of the other members of the team. Somehow he's like, the pivot of a folding fan--the existence who everyone sees the most.
Ohsaka: He also...when the mood is down, he voluntarily riles up people to raise their mood.
Wada: Yeah, purposefully getting hated...he likes baseball so much and wants his team to become strong no matter if he gets hated by other people.
Ohsaka: But Eijun and Furuya notices (that personality) so I think the other people notice that, too, right? Like, ah this guy lets himself get hated on purpose. That's kind of admirable for Miyuki.
Wada: He's a really charming character.
Ohsaka: He is like the front doormat of Daiya no A.
Wada: LOL, like everyone passes through him.
Ohsaka: Yes, yes. First, they like Miyuki. Then they move on to the other characters.
Wada: And from then on they move to the different rooms, is that it? But then they have to leave through the front door. They definitely have to--
Ohsaka: Yes. Like, liking Eijun but once they leave they'll go, "But Miyuki's good, too." Something like that. What a mysterious character Miyuki is.
Wada: Please make sure to leave through the front door, too, okay!
Ohsaka: LOL

Ohsaka: Since this is just the introductory episode of our radio show, actually in the following weeks we'll both become radio personalities on our own for the next episodes.
Wada: Aren't you nervous?!
Ohsaka: Eh? It's okay. I mean, you can talk well with people, right?
Wada: Yes, but, in the radio you can only use your voice. It's my first time.
Ohsaka: Ah, it's really your first time in a radio show?
Wada: The moment I was confirmed to do this, I immediately called my mother. "I'm gonna be on the radio!" And she was so happy, saying, "You're doing radio shows!?"
Ohsaka: So are you the type who likes to hide things or the type who reveals everything?
Wada: For the sake of not being hated, I would expose everything.
Ohsaka: Eh? But Miyuki does things to be hated...LOL
Wada: I'm really timid so I cannot...
Ohsaka: So, if you can choose a guest you can talk with in the radio show, who would you want to have?
Wada: Ehh...
Ohsaka: They can be both from butai and anime. Like, with the coach or one of the staff...
Wada: Um...well, so you know last time I met Sakurai Takahiro for Miyuki's birthday event and spoke with him...and I kind of feel like he was a bit too behaved(1).
Ohsaka: Sakurai-san was?
Wada: It's like he was restraining himself. Well, that's the both of us, I guess. Since it's the first time we met each other?
Ohsaka: Oh, I see!
Wada: So, I'd like us to meet if ever for this radio show and be more friendly with each other. Are you listening, Sakurai-san? Please take care of me!
Ohsaka: I think that Sakurai will be surprisingly delighted. He actually meddles a lot with the kouhais so I think he will be happy.
Wada: Ahh...
Ohsaka: Like, if you're spacing out, he'll really meddle with you.
Wada: I do space out a lot, that would be a great help!

Wada: What about Ohsaka-san? Who would you like to talk with in your radio show?
Ohsaka: Hmm, actually in the anime (cast) I'm close with everyone so we're able to talk with various things, so I guess I'd like to talk with members of the butai cast. I've met Ozawa-san for an interview before and I'd like to casually talk with him about a lot of things just like I'm doing with Wada-san. And also, Hayama-san and the other main cast, I'd like to talk to them about various things.
Wada: So it's like, for me would be seiyuu guests and for Ohsaka-san would be the butai guests.
Ohsaka: Yeah, if we can do that it would be interesting and there'll be a lot to look forward to. Anyway, we also do not know who will be coming to guest in the following weeks so please look forward to the next episodes.

Ohsaka: And now we're back to Jingu stadium grounds. And since it's a pity not to use this venue, we're now going to play catch.
Wada: The weather is good, too.
Ohsaka: So let's do talking while catching.
Wada: We're doing this? It's January?
Ohsaka: Eh but it's warm outside!

Wada: This catcher mitt I'm using is actually the one I use in the play.
Ohsaka: Oh really?
Wada: Here look, it's written "Ace of the Diamond"
Ohsaka: I see, so you're used to using that mitt?
Wada: I've been using it for more than a year.
Ohsaka: So your hand has totally molded it. Actually this mitt (I'm using) is also Sawamura Eijun's.
Wada: Eh?
Ohsaka: Look, my name is written over here.
Wada: Whoa, it's true! Then it's custom-made?
Ohsaka: Yeah, it is.
Wada: Awesome!
Ohsaka: But I haven't used it at all so it's all stiff.
Wada: Do you have baseball experience?
Ohsaka: I have, around junior high.
Wada: I also played baseball in junior high.
Ohsaka: But, playing catch like this really....we can't have a conversation.
Wada: Ah, well it's also because it's the first time we talk like this.
Ohsaka: True. You know I went to the first Daiya no A live show, and at the end, everyone went to have our picture taken, but Wada-san wasn't there. When asked where you went, someone said you already took a shower.
Wada: Because I was so sweaty. I really immediately go to the shower afterwards.
Ohsaka: You really work at your own pace, was what I thought (LOL)

Wada: Please do come to our next stage.
Ohsaka: Oh of course, I will. I always go to works involving works I'm in.
Wada: Ah that makes me happy. But how do you find it? Seeing a work that you've appeared in adapted into something else and your role acted out by someone else?
Ohsaka: Honestly, at first I was uncomfortable since I'm used to hearing my voice come out of that character's mouth and then seeing him performed by someone else.
Wada: That's true. Very few roles I had on stage have been performed by other actors.
Ohsaka: So I was a bit nervous when I watched it.
Wada: Yeah! Nervous! (LOL)
Ohsaka: But when I went the second time, how do I put it? It's like everyone presented the story with their own originality while still having respect for the original. Ah, like it's a different feeling from the anime. That's why when I went the first time, I went to meet with Ozawa Ren who plays the character I voiced, Sawamura Eijun so...
Wada: Ren was really happy. Because he felt a lot of pressure (playing the role).
Ohsaka: Really? He didn't really look like he was nervous. (LOL)
Wada: Right! He doesn't really look nervous but his knees were shaking! Right before we were to perform the first time.
Ohsaka: Ehh? How do I say it, his personality and his spontaneity is somehow very much like Eijun.
Wada: Yeah, he's really like Eijun.
Ohsaka: One time when we were in an interview together, suddenly he just addressed me as "-kun". I think he just slipped but he was like, "Ohsaka-kun."
Wada: LOL. That part of him makes him really like Sawamura Eijun.
Ohsaka: How about Wada-san? Did you also feel pressure?
Wada: Well, Miyuki is a fairly popular character. And he has a lot of lines. Not conversations, but he has a lot of thought lines and monologues so it was a bit difficult to act him out onstage.
Ohsaka: That's true, having that many monologues on stage. And even in the middle of a game. I thought it seemed really hard, too.
Wada: But eventually I got used to it and the people around me, so now I'm able to pull out the lines more easily.

Wada: Ah, since we're already playing like this, shall I sit down and have us act as pitcher and catcher?
Ohsaka: Ah, that's gonna destroy my shoulder, you know.
Wada: But you have such good control!
Ohsaka: But I really cannot do it suddenly as a pitcher, my shoulder will be...
Wada: But it will make the Daiya no A fans happy.
Ohsaka: (throws a strong ball)
Wada: Whoa!
Ohsaka: Okay, see, that throw just made my shoulder creak.
Wada: LOL. I want to see that on screen, Sawamura Eijun throwing.
Ohsaka: With Miyuki Kazuya sitting down and catching for him, right? This...really might make Ozawa-kun jealous, right?
Wada: He'll be jealous. He will definitely be jealous. He'll go, "Wait a minute, Takuma-kun?? What are you doing?!"
Ohsaka: LOL You sound like him.

Ohsaka: I'm sorry, when do we end this ball catching?
Wada: I don't know how to end this, too!
(Staff: If you pitch a moving ball, we can end this)
Ohsaka: I have to pitch a moving ball??
Wada: Then, let's pitch a moving ball and end this relay.
Ohsaka: (pitches a strong ball)
Wada: Wai! That was almost right in the middle!
Ohsaka: That was the last ball, it was not a bad throw, isn't it?
Wada: That was a good pitch.
Ohsaka: Since it's the last pitch I wound up my shoulders pretty well.
Wada: I felt the spirit in your last ball!

Ohsaka: And we've come near the end of our radio show.
Wada: I'm sad.
Ohsaka: And since this is Wada-san's first time hosting a radio show, I look forward to his future episodes.
Wada: I'm nervous. I'm gonna consult with Ohsaka-san every week.
Ohsaka: You don't have to do that, lol. Anyway, we'll be inviting a lot of guests to talk with us about Daiya no A so please look forward to them!
Wada: Actually just now, in time for our ending, we're calling in some actors from our butai. These two have come here!
Ren: Hello! I'm Ozawa Ren playing Sawamura Eijun!
Taiga: And I'm Fukuzawa Taiga playing Kominato Haruichi!
Ren: Hello! Everyone can you see me?
Wada: No they can't, this is a radio show.
Ren: Ah, they can't.
Wada: Daiya no A the Live IV has been decided to show this spring, right?
Ren: Yes.
Wada: Well, since there aren't any decision yet on who'll be there or not...we can't say anything.
Taiga: Who will be benched or...
Wada: We don't know that!
Ohsaka: I guess it's okay to say something about the live despite that.
Ren: Ah, then, if ever I'm appearing in the next butai...my aim is that Takuma-kun won't be angry with me.
Ohsaka: He gets mad at you?
Ren: Yes.
Wada: Your aim is too low! Well, actually we've done Daiya no A the live three times now and in each of those stages I've scolded him at least once.
Ren: One for each of those stage, one...two...three. He hated on me once every show.
Wada: Hated?! I didn't hate on you!
Taiga: More like advice.
Wada: Right! I gave you advice!
Ren: Ah, of course of course.
Ohsaka: You made him hate you?
Wada: I gave you pointers on what errors you're doing. It's advice, advice! Why would you say I hate you?
Ren: Ah but really, I'm thankful that I have senpai who scold me.
Taiga: Yeah we're really thankful.
Ren: Can't you let me say my thanks by myself? Anyway, I'm really thankful to Takuma-kun so I'd also want to show the audience how I've grown since the last stage. I'll do my best!
Wada: That is if you're appearing in the next show, right?
Ren: Yes.
Ohsaka: Do you think you're going to appear then? (LOL)
Taiga: Talking about that, if I will appear in the next stage I think it will be the arc about the finals soon, so I think it would be more heated and I look forward as a Kominato to my older brother's appearance.
Wada: You (Haruichi) love/s him a lot, right? The older brother.
Taiga: Yes, I really do. When I saw Taizo-san (Ryousuke's actor), I immediately struck up a conversation with him. I think he easily became "my" older brother.
Ohsaka: So you synchronized immediately?
Taiga: Yes, we did.
Ren: You're really Haruichi.
Ohsaka: We had a great talk. Do you have anything to say about the butai, Wada-san?
Wada: Eh? Me?? What?? Ah...if I /ever/ appear in the next butai??? I will do my best??
Everyone: LOL
Wada: Take care of me, everyone!
Ren: Of course you're appearing there!
Taiga: Ren-kun, too.
Wada: Anyway, since this is just the first episode of the radio show, I'll expect you guys to talk again here sometime!
Ren: Okay!
Wada: We'll be inviting guests each week and...eh?? speaking of guests...the guest for my next show would be.. well, we can't help it...!
Ren: LOL
Wada: It's really unavoidable!
Ren: Who is it?
Wada: It's Ozawa Ren.
Ren: YAY!
Wada: Welcome!
Ohsaka: I see, so you're suddenly appearing in two weeks here!
Ren: Yes, I'm the first one to guest~!
Ohsaka: And on my side, my first guest would be Asanuma Shintarou-san.
Wada: Wah! He's a personality in both butai and anime.
Ohsaka: Yes, that's why I look forward to talking with him. Anyway, this is really the end so let's say our final greetings everyone. Please say it together, one...two...
Everyone: GAME SET!

➤ sources: daiya no a the radio audio (pls wait for succeeding posts for the link!)
➤ translation is liberal and may not be 100% accurate. some unimportant lines are skipped on purpose.
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