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[TRANSLATION] 170119 Daiya no A the Radio

Please do not repost any of the translations/quotes. This is the Daiya no A radio episode with Wada Takuma and Ozawa Ren

Wada: Ohsaka-san's relay question for me from last episode was: What did you do during the new year holiday? This year I spent it leisurely in my parents' home. How long was I there, I think I was there until January 7th? My birthday was on January 4th so I spent New Year's Day and my birthday with my mom. So I was able to spend that time well with my family. Hahaha!
Wada: Anyway, our guest for today would be Ozawa Ren-kun who plays Sawamura Eijun in Daiya no A the live.

Wada: Again, this is Wada Takuma who plays Miyuki Kazuya in Daiya no A the live. And then, our guest for today is this person.
Ren: Ah, ah! This is Ozawa Ren who plays Sawamura Eijun. Please take care of me!
Wada: Welcome! You came, huh.
Ren: This is my first radio show.
Wada: We're chuckling while calling you.
Ren: What is that!
Wada: I can't help it!
Ren: I've been working hard since I woke up, you know!
Wada: It's because I'm nervous doing a radio show with just the two of us.
Ren: It'll be fine!
Wada: But it's your first radio show, right?
Ren: Yes, it's my first time.
Wada: How is it? Being a personality for the first time in your first radio show?
Ren: Well, speaking like this while waiting (for cues) is kind of embarrassing.
Wada: Isn't it? Even the staff are going, "Is it going to be alright?"
Ren: Really, it looks like they look a bit gloomy.
Wada: They're also a little nervous, it seems.
Ren: You also seem strained.
Wada: Eh?
Ren: You also seem strained today.
Wada: Shut up.
Ren: LOL

Wada: Daiya no A the live IV has been decided and we'll be continuing the story with the same cast. Thank you for your support! How is it, doing this stage for the fourth time?
Ren: Well, I've thought about this every stage, and for this fourth installment, I want to show the audience a better performance than the previous one.
Wada: Every time will be better, right? That is the cast's main motivation every time, right?
Ren: Yes.

Wada: Well, why don't you introduce what kind of character Sawamura Eijun in case many of our listeners do not know.
Ren: Eh, that's impossible. He's the protagonist!
Wada: You don't know what if someone accidentally tunes in to our radio and they don't know anything about Daiya no A? So someone listening might not be acquainted so please introduce Sawamura to them.
Ren: I understand. Sawamura Eijun is someone with no barriers to people. He uses casual language from the beginning. And well, it seems he's a character who doesn't really use common sense. However, he has his own charms. He's the type of character who slowly grows with the help of the people around him. I really think he has a lot of charms as a person.
Wada: Ah, really?
Ren: Yes.
Wada: In the four, well, right now three, times that you've had the role, what are those times when you thought it was difficult?
Ren: Difficult time...can it be rehearsals?
Wada: It can be anything.
Ren: It would be our rehearsals during summer.
Wada: That was hard, right.
Ren: Yes, it was. We had to rehearse in a big place for the sets and it was the middle of summer then. And...
Wada: There was no airconditioning.
Ren: Yes. There was no airconditioning. There were just fans that go, "Bwah!" and the sounds were...
Wada: Yeah yeah! The fan sounds were so loud that we couldn't hear each other while reciting the lines. But when we turn off the fans it would be so hot, so it's a vicious cycle. It was really a severe moment, isn't it?
Ren: Yes, it was.

Wada: You also have met with Sawamura Eijun's seiyuu, Ohsaka Ryota. What kind of meeting did you have?
Ren: Conversely, we don't really talk about the character Sawamura Eijun.
Wada: Eh?
Ren: It was mostly just talking about how we are and what we're doing.
Wada: Eh? You guys are pretty close then!
Ren: I guess?
Wada: So, you're not close?
Ren: We are close! Just, maybe talking with each other carefully.
Wada: I see.
Ren: Ohsaka-san likes collecting shoes. He once told me that he'll give me shoes that he hasn't worn or doesn't want to wear anymore.
Wada: Ehhh!
Ren: I said, "Eh, is it alright?"
Wada: Did you get them?
Ren: I haven't gotten them yet.
Wada: Not yet?? Why!?
Ren: For me, well, it's not like it's because I'm poor, but I tend to wear my shoes until they've become so worn out. Like these shoes I bought for 16,000 yen. They're good shoes and I'll wear them out. And when they're worn out, I'll go to Ohsaka-san and go, "Ohsaka-san, my shoes are all worn out now!"
Wada: LOL. "Please give me new ones!"

Wada: This time, in Daiya no Live IV...our rival has finally appeared.
Ren: Yes.
Wada: Inashiro's Narumiya Mei.
Ren: Mei, huh.
Wada: Well, the visuals are already out, though. And Narumiya will be played by Konishi Seiya.
Ren: Yes.
Wada: He's really popular. He's dangerous.
Ren: I agree. Then should I tire him out during rehearsals?
Wada: Should we make him cry?
Ren: First, I'll hide his shoes.
Wada: Wah! What are you, a grade-schooler?

Wada: He is experienced in baseball, isn't he?
Ren: Yes, he is! He is also really good!
Wada: Plus he is a southpaw and Narumiya is also a southpaw, so he really fits (the role).
Ren: Recently, I was with a stage play with him and during rehearsals, he was like, "Ren-kun let's pla catch!" and so we did.
Wada: Ehh? He was already preparing?
Ren: He was.
Wada: But in that way, he really fits Narumiya well, right? That's dangerous.
Ren: No, no, we won't lose!
Wada: Will you be okay?
Ren: I won't lose but I know from the rehearsals that Seiya is good in creating his character.
Wada: Eh? But doesn't he act together with Ozawa-san?
Ren: Oi! Don't say that with such emotion!
Wada: LMAO
Ren: You can't see his face but Takuma-kun's face is full of mischief!
Ren: You're mean!
Wada: So he builds character well?
Ren: He does, he's very serious and passionate. I look forward to also compete with him in Daiya no A, too.

Wada: Well then, let's read some letters from the listeners. It's time for this corner: Nice Mail!
Wada: This letter is from Kitano Karyuudo-san. Wada-san, Ozawa-san, good evening.
Ren: Good evening!
Listener: In twitter and in comments to other sites, Ozawa-san has always said that he wants to be scolded by Wada-san. Are you often scolded?
Ren: Wait, wait! What kind of image are you conjuring?
Wada: What? Did you really tweet something like that?
Ren: You saw my comment in your blog, right?
Wada: I saw it.
Ren: You did?
Wada: I did see it. I also posted about it.
Ren: Why does it seem like you don't like it, though?
Wada: Before, I would comment on Tomoki Hirose's blog and Tomoki would pick up and comment on it, too. And just then, when Tomoki and I were flirting around in our blog, you went smack right in the middle!
Wada: No, why would it be??
Ren: Why shouldn't I do it, too?
Wada: You got wind (of our conversation), didn't you?
Ren: No, I did not!
Wada: You probably thought, "Ah, Takuma-kun and Tomoki-kun are acting friendly with each other, I shall also join in~"
Ren: But you guys only went out for a meal together that time between Daiya Live I and II!
Wada: We did (again).
Ren: You did?!
Wada: Yeah.
Ren: You mean other than that time Tomoki-kun invited me and I invited Taiga-kun so the four of us ate out together??
Wada: LOL yeah we did.
Ren: So you've been doing that! Scary!
Wada: Why don't you just tell me honestly about it? You should just send me a mail. Have you ever sent me mail inviting me to go out for a meal together?
Ren: No.
Wada: See? So that's it. You're just pandering to your fans so they'll say, "Ah, Ozawa-kun is always like that with Wada-san~ So cute~"
Ren: Oi!!
Wada: How indecent!
Ren: No! It's not like that!
Wada: Then what it is?
Ren: I want to be close to Takuma-kun~!
Wada: ...LOL This feels weird! Just send me mail. Honestly.
Ren: Like, inviting you to eat out?
Wada: That's right.
Ren: Eh, but you know, I get shy when I try to be honest so I can't say it~
Wada: Wait, I have no idea what you're talking about so let's move on.
Ren: OI!

Wada: Anyway our next message is from Ran-san. "Good evening, Wada-san, Ozawa-san."
Ren: Good evening!
Listener: I've watched all the previous installments of Daiya no A the Live.
Ren: Thank you!
Listener: It was really enjoyable watching your characters. Since you've been in this stage for a while, I think you know each other quite well. Since Ozawa-san is consequently a guest in your show, can you both say 10 things you like about each other?
Wada: I don't have 10 things (that I like)!
Ren: OI!!
Wada: What!
Ren: Why won't you have them?!
Wada: There aren't enough!
Ren: Let's do it little by little!
Wada: Then do it first, Ren.
Ren: Takuma-kun's good points?
Wada: Yes.
Ren: First, when you first meet him, he's like a prince. But once you get to know him, he's actually a king.
Wada: What the hell is that?
Ren: His mouth his cute. His gums, no, his teeth line is pretty.
Wada: Thank you very much.
Ren: And then you sing a lot of Western songs.
Wada: Yes.
Ren: So I think your pronunciation is quite great. And then when you're angry you tell that person straight.
Wada: Yes.
Ren: But afterwards, you don't forget to follow it up with kindness.
Wada: I see
Ren: Also, your earlobes are cute. Lastly, your face is well-proportioned. There you go.
Wada: You are amazing! To be able to enumerate ten things about a person, isn't that a talent?
Ren: Takuma-kun just has a lot of good points.
Wada: You are awesome! T-then, can I get to say ten points, too?
Ren: There we go!
Wada: Um...
Ren: Oi! You have to have at least one thing (you like about me). One thing!
Wada: You're greedily protective of your work.
Ren: Oh!
Wada: And, surprisingly you listen well to other people speaking.
Ren: Your hands are shaking though.
Wada: Also, you surprisingly can read a situation.
Ren: Oh, there we go! That's great!
Wada: And you don't get sick...
Ren: Actually I just got sick recently, hahaha!
Wada: Ah! Then that's minus one. Um, surprisingly, you're kind.
Ren: That's true. And that's not surprising.
Wada: Eh, no? Um well, you're surprisingly serious...wait, I said that before.
Ren: Oi! Don't say the same thing over and over!
Wada: Also, you'd rather wait for your shoes to be worn out before getting shoes from Ohsaka-san. And your clothes are always cute.
Ren: Cute, thank you very much.
Wada: And then, surprisingly, you wear thick glasses. And you're kind of mischievous/playful.
Ren: Just one more.
Wada: Um...you're face...is just so-so. LOL.
Ren: Oi! It's not so-so! Takuma-kun, if you say it like that then it's not even worth a point!
Wada: Ah, I can't do it anymore.
Ren: How come that felt so long? And you said 'surprisingly' too many times!
Wada: That's true, I'm really sweaty. You really have talent for this. What did you say last?
Ren: I said, you have a well-proportioned face.
Wada: Thank you very much. I have my parents to thank for that.
Ren: And then I said that when you're mad you tell the person straight but don't forget to be kind afterwards.
Wada: But you know, basically, being mad requires a lot of energy. The one who made the person angry is the one at fault.
Ren: That's right.
Wada: Who was it? The one who made me mad each time for all three stages?
Ren: M...me.
Wada: Correct. Ozawa-san.
Ren: Yes, it's me.
Wada: Also, I heard this one from a fan. They said, "Ozawa-san said this but apparently, Wada-san has scolded Ozawa-san three times already. Why do you get so mad at him?"
Ren: LOL
Wada: When I heard that, I felt like people see me as someone who loses his cool easily!
Ren: That's not true.
Wada: Explain to them properly, oi!
Ren: I will explain it right now. During rehearsal, I was practicing acting with a soft voice. Since there are electric fans all over and I'm trying to preserve my voice, I used a small voice. But apparently it was too soft.
Wada: It was! I couldn't hear his lines at all!
Ren: So Takuma-kun was like, "Hey! What are you doing? Is your voice okay?" at me and I said, "I'm sorry, I'm trying to preserve my voice." And then he shouted, "I cannot hear you!!" and I was like, "Ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
Wada: In my defense I really couldn't hear.
Ren: When was the first time you scolded me?
Wada: I think that was...
Ren: Ah, it was about my listless acting. That time I was trying out a few things but I seemed to be moving so slowly so I got scolded.
Wada: He was really so sluggish! His acting! I yelled, "Oi!" at him.
Ren: And afterwards, I was going to the convenience store and Takuma-kun said, "I'll pay but you have to pay me back!" and kindly gave me money to buy for myself, too.
Wada: You bought ice cream, right?
Ren: Yes, but that ice cream...someone else ate it.
Wada: At least eat your own ice cream!
Ren: I put it in the freezer after buying it, but since I forgot to put a name on it, someone else ate it.
Wada: Then that's your fault!

Wada: Our next segment is called Leave the Leading to Me! wherein readers can send in messages asking for advice. Here's a question from our listener named "WadaMiyu is the best." What a nice name. Their question is: Every time before a performance, there is a huge pressure from your surroundings. How do you face pressure like that?
Ren: I see...
Wada: Pressure before a performance, how do I deal with it? I'm really a person who gets nervous easily, so before I go onstage my heart would beat so fast. How do I face it? I don't do anything.
Ren: You don't?
Wada: I just become really nervous. That's it.
Ren: This is surprising though. I thought Takuma-kun doesn't get nervous.
Wada: I get nervous really easily.
Ren: That's unexpected. For me, I just become happy to be able to stand there.
Wada: ...Huh.
Ren: What I mean is...
Wada: What do you even mean?
Ren: It's like saying that I'm happy that I'm able to be nervous.
Wada: So you don't get nervous?
Ren: I do get nervous! So much. But feeling nervous in such a situation is a normal thing, right?
Wada: Yes...
Ren: So it's like, I'm nervous because I'm able to stand and perform like this, so I feel happy (for the opportunity) instead.
Wada: Ah, so you mean you go on standby thinking how glad you are to perform?
Ren: Yes.
Wada: Well, aren't you a happy bastard?
Ren: LOL.
Wada: You're so happy!
Ren: Well, I still get nervous so I jump around and try to loosen up and increase my heart rate. I think like that when I jump around. After that I'll go, "Yes, my heart rate has gone up and I can do this!" Then I think that at that moment, I can do things I cannot usually do. Like I can jump out and fly from that time on. So the nervousness is kind of erased....well, not really erased. More like it's been replaced by a different feeling.
Wada: But Ozawa Ren doesn't say anything like that.
Ren: Oi!
Wada; You just jump around.
Ren: Well, it can't be helped if you make mistakes, too, since it's a live performance.
Wada: If you could do your best with all your effort, what you do won't be a mistake, right?
Ren: Yes. I've told myself this before that failure is the beginning of success.
Wada: I didn't hear you say that.
Ren: Anyway, what I mean is if you do your best in whatever you do, a failure is just a step to success. But if you do not even try and you fail, then it's just a shitty mistake.
Wada: Then, when Ozawa-san does half-hearted acting during rehearsals...that is a shitty mistake.
Ren: Yes, those are just failures.
Wada: That's why I tell you to be serious even when just rehearsing!
Ren: Yes, I've learned my lesson!
Wada: Well then, WadaMiyu-san, if you feel nervous, just jump around.
Ren: LOL

Wada: Daiya no A the radio is about to come to an end. How was it, Ren-kun?
Ren: It was really fun.
Wada: Was it fun?
Ren: Mhmm!
Wada: Were you nervous?
Ren: I was nervous. With Takuma-kun...
Wada: You were nervous. You said before you don't get nervous.
Ren: LOL. I don't really have the opportunity to talk with Takuma-kun like this.
Wada: Right?
Ren: I think that when I get used to this, I can invite you out for a meal.
Wada: LOL. Somehow I feel he won't send me a mail.
Ren: I will send you.
Wada: Anyway, next week's radio show will be with Ohsaka Ryota-san and his guest will be Kuramochi's voice actor and our butai mentor, Asanuma Shintarou. And the week after will be my turn again in the radio show and my guests will be Isashiki Jun's butai actor Takahashi Ryousuke and Yuuki Tetsuya's actor Ueda Yuusuke.
Ren: Our mom and dad. In the company.
Wada: Within our company. LOL. I got surprised when you suddenly said mom and dad!

Wada: Anyway, this is the end.
Ren: Ara!
Wada: It's sad.
Ren: Isn't it?
Wada: Well, let's do our best in the rehearsals for Daiya no A the Live IV.
Ren: Yes!
Wada: This has been Miyuki Kazuya's stage actor Wada Takuma and
Ren: Sawamura Eijun's stage actor Ozawa Ren!
Wada: Well then, shall we say it together? Ready, set...
Wada/Ren: Game set!

➤ sources: daiya no a the radio audio (pls wait for succeeding posts for the link!)
➤ translation is liberal and may not be 100% accurate. some unimportant lines are skipped on purpose.
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