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[SCANS] Heazelz Fes 2016

...I stopped playing Trails of Cold Steel II long enough to post (is this going to be a thing dee)

Unrelated but Daiya no A The RADIO's up to date. The post itself isn't but the episodes are there :D

Happy basically 6/2 KuraMiyu Day! I have some Subaru and Wada photosets to share because I'm pretending to be useful lol no

Heazelz Fes 2016 ~みんなのハロウィン~

hn now i'm in agony because my images are not even. oh-- enjoy all~

please do not reupload, just link my lazy ass site
➤ sorry i'm trash
➤ yes they are selected sets, don't ask me for the other photosets, i do not have them
➤ yes i selected these particular sets because of subaru and wada, don't ask me why
➤ i actually don't know what this is from, i preordered something else from the site and added these to my order so now...
➤ hurray subaru tag!
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I'm dead all over again :x