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[DOWNLOAD] Daiya no A The Radio Masterpost

...Well, I stopped playing Trails of Cold Steel NG+ long enough to post
This is a masterpost for the currently ongoing radio show Daiya no A the Radio. I normally will obtain and upload the show as an mp3 by mid day Thursday Eastern Time. This page will keep a list of the guests and dates so you can download the episodes. Enjoy!
Official Twitter

Ohsaka Ryota (Sawamura Eijun's seiyuu)
Wada Takuma (Miyuki Kazuya's stage actor)

Mediafire folder
* if you would like an alternate site, let me know!

#1 2017.01.05: Ohsaka Ryota & Wada Takuma (+special guests) - translation
#2 2017.01.12: Ohsaka Ryota & Asanuma Shintarou (Kuramochi seiyuu)
#3 2017.01.19: Wada Takuma & Ozawa Ren (Sawamura stage actor) - translation
#4 2017.01.26: Ohsaka Ryota & Asanuma Shintarou
#5 2017.02.02: Wada Takuma, Takahashi Ryosuke (Jun stage actor) & Ueda Yusuke (Tetsu stage actor)
#6 2017.02.09: Ohsaka Ryota & OxT (Oishi Masayoshi x Tom-H@ack - anime/stage music performers)
#7 2017.02.16: Wada Takuma, Aomine Yuuki (Nori stage actor) & Sawada Takuro (Zono stage actor)
#8 2017.02.23: Ohsaka Ryota and Hosoya Yoshimasa (Tetsu seiyuu)
#9 2017.03.02: Wada Takuma, Aomine Yuuki & Sawada Takuro
#10 2017.03.09: Ohsaka Ryota & Shimazaki Nobunaga (Furuya seiyuu)
#11 2017.03.16: Wada Takuma & Hayama Subaru (Kuramochi stage actor)
#12 2017.03.23: Ohsaka Ryota & Sakurai Takahiro (Miyuki seiyuu)
#13 2017.03.30: Wada Takuma, Taizo Shiina (Ryousuke stage actor) & Fukuzawa Taiga (Haruichi stage actor)
#14 2017.04.06: Ohsaka Ryota & Touchi Hiroki (Kataoka seiyuu)
#15 2017.04.13: Wada Takuma, Konishi Seiya (Mei stage actor), & Motokawa Shota (Maki Yousuke stage actor)
#16 2017.04.20: Ohsaka Ryota & Hatano Wataru (Masuko seiyuu)
#17 2017.04.27: Wada Takuma, Konishi Seiya & Motokawa Shota
#18 2017.05.04: Ohsaka Ryota & ?? & ??
#19 2017.05.11: Wada Takuma & Mizunuma Hiroyoshi (Masuko stage actor) & Menjo Kentaro (Kanemaru stage actor)
#20 2017.05.18: Ohsaka Ryota & Hanae Natsuki (Haruichi seiyuu)
#21 2017.05.25: Wada Takuma & NAO-G (butai Tanba) & Nakashima Daichi (butai Miyauchi)
#22 2017.06.01: Ohsaka Ryota & ??
#23 2017.06.08: Wada Takuma & Hayama Subaru
#24 2017.06.15: Ohsaka Ryota & ??
#25 2017.06.22: Wada Takuma & Taizo Shiina
#26 2017.06.29 finale: Ohsaka Ryota, ....Wada... Takuma & ....Sakurai Takahiro...

➤➤post updated: june 29 2017
➤ updates will continue to be announced on my twitter @shizuoya
➤ the tumblr archive will remain updated and up for those who prefer it
➤ feel free to link as this masterpost will be open
➤ check out nikki's translations! transcripts will be posted when available

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